Pay As You Throw – save as you throw!

Last Updated : 09 Jul 2018
PAYT ditch the bags and see the binifits

Moving from plastic bags to Pay As You Throw wheelie bins is a better environmental choice for Auckland. They keep our streets cleaner and safer for everyone. And by only paying as you throw, they keep extra money in your pocket.

West Aucklanders are seeing the benefits already…

Michelle Keenan of Te Atatū says...  

"I really like that the council are re-using our old recycling bins and they are not going to waste. Obviously it’s more cost effective and we can decide how often we put the bins out."

And Coralie Archer of Glen Eden says...

"I’ve noticed a huge reduction in rubbish around the streets. We love that it is a reliable service with a goal to help reduce household waste."

Watch:  Facebook LIVE Q&A for answers to your questions   

Watch the Western Leader’s Facebook LIVE Q&A session to find out the answers to all your questions, including frequently asked questions like:

  • Can I get a larger bin? Can I get a smaller bin?
  • Are tags secure?
  • Why do we pay for rubbish when the rest of Auckland doesn’t?
  • When do I get my Food Waste bin?

Watch here:  Councillor Penny Hulse, Parul Sood, Waste Solutions General Manager and Marika Hill, Western Leader News Director answer your questions.

To find out more about west Auckland's new Pay As You Throw rubbish service, visit Make the Most of Waste.

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