Briefing to incoming government

Council outlines contribution, challenges and opportunities

Publish Date : 13 Dec 2017

Mayor Phil Goff’s Briefing to the Incoming Government was released on 13 December.

It underlines Auckland’s contribution to New Zealand as the country’s largest and fastest-growing city, and reiterates the challenges and opportunities this growth poses.

The problems created by infrastructure shortages and inadequate access to revenue are critical issues facing Auckland and a priority for the government and council to address.


Solutions to these problems will include broadening Auckland’s revenue base without imposing additional demands on ratepayers, and continuing the council’s savings and efficiency programme, already underway. Some form of road pricing such as a regional fuel tax will also help address transport infrastructure shortfalls.


To address housing issues, the council is looking forward to a close working relationship with the government to implement the recommendations of the Mayoral Housing Taskforce, and to build support for the Housing First initiative to address the needs of homeless people. Government collaboration to ensure funding for infrastructure to support development is also key to success in promoting housing supply to match demand.

Environment and waste

Other issues that will require close collaboration between Auckland Council and the government include environmental issues such as water quality, addressing climate change and waste management.

Other projects

Finally, cooperation will be required on planning for the America’s Cup and APEC, the future location of Ports of Auckland, a potential national stadium, and the creation of a Māori ward for Auckland.

Read the full Briefing to the Incoming Government.

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