Cause of Birkenhead slip not yet established

Slip work progresses

Last Updated : 01 Mar 2018

Auckland Council and council controlled organisations have swung into action to ensure the safety of the Rawene Road car park in Birkenhead and the surrounding area where two slips have recently taken place. 

The two land slips have caused concern for nearby residents and businesses.  The first slip, in October, was followed by a second slip on 28 November which carried away car park tarmac, substantial debris, as well as lampposts and machinery which was being used in the repair of the first slip. 

Following Auckland Transport’s emergency response to address the immediate effects of the slip, further work is now being undertaken by Auckland Council to ensure the safety of the site. 

At this stage, it is too early to establish what the causes of the slips are. Auckland Council engineers and technical specialists are continuing with investigations, but this work is complicated by the instability of the site and concerns for staff safety.   

Obviously, the primary focus for everyone working at the Rawene Reserve site is ensuring the safety of site workers, the public and adjacent properties. 

External technical experts have been engaged to investigate and design remedial plans with a view to beginning stabilisation works, which will progress as quickly as is feasible. 

In the meantime, high tech equipment has been brought in, such as inclinometers and piezometers, to monitor the site for any further movement. 

Over the next few days, council contractors will be using large trucks to deliver material to the site, and a 100-ton crane along with its boom, counterweights and sheet piles which will be used to carry out stabilisation work to the site. 

Updates on site progress will be made available on a regular basis.


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