Explore Te Atatū Peninsula walkway

Last Updated : 29 Oct 2018
November Gem: Te Atatu Peninsula walkway
Te Atatu Peninsula walkway

This popular walkway stretches along the northern and eastern edge of Te Atatū Peninsula and looks out across the Waitematā Harbour.

Starting at Harbourview-Orangihina Park, the 4km walkway is an easy stroll that extends through to Chapman Strand.

It boasts magnificent views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Rangitoto Island and the city centre, and features a small sandy beach at Kelvin Strand.

The coastline also provides a natural haven for many native birds including the New Zealand dotterel, pūkeko and tōrea (oystercatchers).

You can enjoy a picnic along the walkway or explore the nearby Te Atatū Peninsula town centre and children’s playground.

Make sure to keep dogs on a leash and share the space.

If you spot a leopard seal, make sure to follow the Department of Conservation's guidelines for watching seals

  • Stay at least 20 metres away
  • Don't disturb the seals by making loud noises or throwing things
  • Avoid getting between the seals and the water
  • Keep dogs and children away
  • Don't feed the seals
  • Never attempt to touch a seal 
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