Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway officially opened

Publish Date : 30 Nov 2018
Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway officially opened 1

Minister of Transport Phil Twyford and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff officially opened the Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway on Friday 30 November.

The cycleway removes the steep climb alongside the Newton Road on-ramp up to the Newton Road bridge for people on bikes travelling to the city centre on the Northwestern Path.

The route runs through Suffolk Reserve, onto Ian McKinnon Drive and up to the intersection of Upper Queen Street. From there, people on bikes can easily connect to the city centre cycleways.

“Cycling is an important part of Auckland’s transport future,” Mayor Phil Goff says.

“A connected cycleway network will encourage more people to get on bikes and help reduce the number of cars clogging up our roads.

“On any given morning the Northwestern Path route is like a motorway for bikes. In October, more than 30,000 journeys were recorded between Kingsland and the city. Improving the connection of this cycleway through to the city should see that number rise.

“Auckland Council and the government are working together to deliver a further 52km of cycleways in Auckland over the coming three years. It’s an ambitious build and absolutely necessary to help decongest our roads and reduce our carbon emissions.”

Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway features

Suffolk Reserve section

The first section of the cycleway goes through Suffolk Reserve from Takau Street and under the Newton Road Bridge, joining the northern edge of Ian McKinnon Drive east of the bridge. This section of the cycleway is approximately 200m long and is a 4m wide concrete path. More than 80 trees have been planted as part of the project.

Ian McKinnon Drive section

Upper Ian McKinnon Drive has a 4m-wide two-way cycleway with a 0.6m-wide raised island providing separation from the traffic lane on the northern side of the road.

One southbound traffic lane has been removed along upper Ian McKinnon Drive. Traffic modelling shows the impacts on traffic flow will be minor. Along the lower section of Ian McKinnon Drive, a 4m-wide two-way cycleway with a 3m-wide grass verge will provide separation from the traffic lane.

All four traffic lanes will be retained along lower Ian McKinnon Drive, and there is no change to the existing shared path on the southern side of Ian McKinnon Drive.

Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway officially opened 2

The best of 2018

Kathryn King, Auckland Transport’s Walking, Cycling and Road Safety Manager, says the Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway is going to be the best-used piece of safe and protected infrastructure to open in 2018.

“The Northwestern Path is one of our busiest routes, but the section around Newton Road was difficult to navigate, and steep for anyone to get up.

“This project radically improves the experience of people travelling along this section.

"It makes the connection from Takau Street to Ian McKinnon Drive totally seamless and suitable for all ages and abilities.

“It will also improve the journey for people travelling from Dominion Road, and will improve the experience of people walking along the southern shared path on Ian McKinnon Drive as there will be fewer people on bikes using this section.”

In October, there were more than 30,000 journeys counted between Kingsland and the city centre and more than 10,000 counted on Dominion Road. Improving the connection between the Northwestern Path, Dominion Road and the city centre will see journey numbers continue to grow.

Ian McKinnon Drive Cycleway officially opened 3
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