Kumeū Arts Centre expands into new eco pod

Last Updated : 06 Dec 2018
Kumeū Arts Centre manager Jago Neal

After years in an old works depot known as ‘the tin shed’, the busy Kumeū Arts Centre is about to expand into a new prefab building.

Known as the Eco Pod C1, the kitset structure will be movable and made locally of sustainable materials. Rodney Local Board has allocated a total of $379,000 to the project, which will tie in with the planned Huapai Hub.

Parks and Recreation Committee chair Brent Bailey says the arts are an important part of living in Rodney.

“This extension provides much-needed space and enables the arts centre to deliver an even wider range of programmes.”

The centre currently offers a full calendar of exhibitions, classes and workshops for children and adults. Activities range from painting, ceramics, to language lessons and meditation.

An extra gallery and workroom are planned for the new building, which manager Jago Neal says will give the community more options.

"We’ll use our existing workshop for wet media, and groups can rent the more finished space for other activities such as language classes."

Outside there will be seating, landscaping and covered areas for summer.

Jago Neal says the move marks a significant point in the centre’s history.

"With two galleries and the Huapai Hub, it will become more of a destination. We’re really optimistic."

Building consent has been lodged and the opening is scheduled for March 2019.

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