Mayor welcomes illegal dumping prosecution

Publish Date : 01 Nov 2018
Mayor Phil Goff welcomes illegal dumping prosecution (2)
Mayor Phil Goff welcomes illegal dumping prosecution (1)
Mayor Phil Goff welcomes illegal dumping prosecution

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s crackdown on illegal dumping is yielding results, with the Mayor today welcoming the successful prosecution of a commercial operator caught dumping concrete at a known south Auckland hotspot.

The dumping, which occurred in Māngere, was one of three instances where the owner of a truck belonging to a concrete services company illegally ditched large piles of soil and concrete. Identified through council surveillance footage, the person was interviewed and admitted to dumping the soil and concrete. The offender removed the dumped concrete and soil and was fined $3500 plus costs.

Phil Goff said, “In February I announced an extra $200,000 in funding to tackle illegal dumping because I’d had a gutsful of a few irresponsible people damaging our environment and costing ratepayers thousands in clean-up costs.”

Litter and illegal dumping cost ratepayers more than $1 million in removal costs alone last year, with council receiving more than 17,000 reports of dumped rubbish.

“Like most Aucklanders, I’m sick and tired of seeing piles of rubbish, oil drums, tyres and other refuse being dumped on the side of the road or in forests and native bush. This prosecution sends a clear message: if you dump illegally, you’ll get done.

“In addition to the surveillance cameras we use to identify offenders, we’ve also received over 700 witness reports of littering and dumping between April and September this year.

“Thanks to the vigilance of Aucklanders and the efforts of council’s enforcement team, we were able to make an example of this dumper. With other prosecutions in progress, we’ll be continuing to make sure those who dump illegally are held to account,” Mayor Phil Goff said.

Over 80 Litter Infringement Notices carrying fines of up to $400 have been issued for littering and illegal dumping incidents this year.

Members of the public are encouraged to report any suspected illegal dumping activity by phoning 0800 NODUMP (0800 663 867) – the 24 illegal dumping hotline.

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