Deputy mayor joins fight against illegal dumping

Rural areas among hardest hit by illegal dumping

Last Updated : 01 Mar 2018
Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore at a site in Takanini that's become popular for illegal dumping.

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore hopes the new 0800 NO DUMP hotline will ensure illegal dumpers are made accountable for the mess they are creating.

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore says it’s going to take a combined effort to crack down on illegal dumping in Auckland.

A new free-phone hotline for reporting illegal dumpers – 0800 NO DUMP – has been announced by Mayor Phil Goff, and provides a dedicated number to ensure culprits can be reported and caught. 

“A mindless minority might think rural areas like Franklin are an easy target for dumping," says Bill Cashmore.

But we need to stand up to these irresponsible people and phone it in. Illegal dumping isn’t just a blight on our natural environment, it’s also an unnecessary cost for our community to bear.” 

As well as the hotline, Mayor Phil Goff has announced other actions, including hiring additional enforcement staff, doubling the number of surveillance cameras in hotspot areas and speeding up the process to clean up dumped material in public areas. 

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore applauds the mayor for taking a lead on this issue and reiterates the need for the public to play their part. 

“It’s going to take a community effort to see this stopped and we need everyone to take responsibility so our environment is preserved and our rates aren’t being wasted by the selfish actions of a few individuals.”

Auckland aiming for zero waste

Auckland Council has set itself the ambitious goal of having zero waste going to landfill by 2040.

Bill Cashmore encourages people to inform themselves about the services available to reduce waste. 

“Inorganic collections are coming, so sign up for your collection before it’s too late,” he says. 

Posters are also being distributed to libraries, leisure centres and service centres across Auckland explaining 0800 NO DUMP and directing people to further information.

Find out more about upcoming inorganic collections and book your collection

Go to to learn more about reducing or recycling your waste.

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