Information hub lets visitors build unique walking experiences

Last Updated : 14 Mar 2018
Pā Rongorongo

An innovative digital portal has opened allowing visitors to customise their own walking tours of the central city.

The interactive citizen’s information hub, Pā Rongorongo, is located in Griffiths Gardens, the inner-city backyard for residents, workers and visitors and incorporates a range of categories such as arts and culture, cycleways, walking routes, heritage spaces, urban forests and Māori sites of significance.

In a New Zealand first, Pā Rongorongo lets visitors and Aucklanders build a walking or cycling tour that is unique to their own interests. This custom map can be sent as a text message link to their mobile phone or, in the future, printed out on site.

Mayor Phil Goff says, “Pā Rongorongo is a central hub for Aucklanders and visitors to access up-to-date information about the development and future of our city.

"It’s a great new public facility where te reo is spoken and Auckland’s strong Māori identity is celebrated through design.”

Constructed of two shipping containers with a special surface that glows in different colours, Pā Rongorongo features an interactive digital wall that will be programmed by local artists.

Pā Rongorongo will be open every week from Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm.

Features of Pā Rongorongo

The Citizen’s Information Hub or Pā Rongorongo, is located at Griffiths Garden on the corner of Wellesley and Albert Streets.

  • The interactive digital portal will display a range of mapped information on Auckland’s city centre including arts and culture, events, transport, current and future development sites, City Rail Link, cycleways, walking routes, public facilities, community spaces, sports and recreation, public art, heritage places, urban forests and Māori sites of significance.
  • A 3D printed model of sections of the city centre.
  • The For the Love of Bees Auckland Heritage seed bank.
  • An exterior digital wall and façade programmed by artists in residence. The first artists in residence are two members from the FAFSWAG arts collective.
  • A full-time staff member fluent in te reo to answer questions and gather feedback.
  • Poster displays and brochures.
  • Information on free guided tours of city centre developments and arts and heritage projects. 
  • It will be able to be booked by community groups for events, exhibitions and discussions.

In March, Pā Rongorongo will celebrate Auckland Transport’s Walk Month with a series of free walking tours including a behind-the-scenes look at the City Rail Link project and the New Zealand Fashion Museum’s popular fashion houses from the past tour.

Pā Rongorongo is a joint project between Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

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