Council takes action to shut down party hotspot in Ōtāhuhu

Publish Date : 03 Apr 2018

Auckland Council is taking action to shut down a party hotspot in Ōtāhuhu's Seaside Park, following concerns from local residents about large congregations of people playing loud music, drinking alcohol, leaving behind rubbish and general anti-social behaviour.

The council’s Head of Operational Management and Maintenance Agnes McCormack says, “We’d like to reassure Aucklanders that the council is taking this seriously and we will act to ensure residents get the support they need.

“The people of Ōtāhuhu should not have to put up with this disruption, and the council is taking action now to ensure the peace returns to the community.”

To address concerns and deter further late-night revellers, the council will:

  • Investigate the installation of a mechanism to close the car park out of hours
  • As a temporary deterrent, place a guard on site at night to prevent people from congregating in a way that will cause disruption to local residents
  • Monitor the area over the coming weeks to ensure these measures are effective, and take further steps if needed.

A clean-up crew has also been sent to the park to remove rubbish.

Agnes urged people to contact the council if they have any concerns about rubbish or maintenance issues in local parks.

"If anyone sees park gates unlocked at night, or they have any concerns about rubbish or any other maintenance issues, they can call the council on 09 301 0101.

“Anyone with immediate concerns about people's behaviour in parks should contact the police as a matter of priority."

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