How the water and environment rates will help Auckland

Last Updated : 20 Jul 2018
How the targeted rates will protect our environment and improve water quality (1)

The water quality targeted rate

The water quality targeted rate projects across the region over the next 10 years will ensure cleaner beaches, streams and harbours in Auckland.

Western isthmus

  • Project cost: $361.6 million

This programme will improve beach water quality in the Waitematā Harbour and help reduce volumes of wastewater going to the Manukau Harbour.

Work will include new stormwater pipes, a Waterview stormwater separation, the St Marys Bay overflow diversion project and water-quality improvements across the western suburbs.

Contaminant reduction programme

  • Project cost: $54.3 million

This project will reduce the amount of litter and road pollutants flowing into our stormwater drains to improve water quality in our harbours and beaches. It will also target the volume of sediment slipping into our waterways.

Urban and rural stream rehabilitation programme

  • Project cost: $22.6 million

A programme to improve the ecological health of our streams through riparian planting, which will create improved habitats and minimise stream erosion.

Septic tank and onsite wastewater programme

  • Project cost: $9 million

An improved compliance programme to ensure wastewater systems are regularly inspected and maintained to improve water quality by reducing the amount of wastewater entering our waterways.

Safe Networks

  • Project cost: $4.5 million

A programme of investigative work to establish the sources of plumbing defects and illegal connections causing contamination of our beaches through our networks.

The environment targeted rate

Projects funded by the environment targeted rate will help protect our natural environment and tackle the pests, weeds and diseases that are threatening our native species.

Expanded: kauri dieback  ($34.5 million)

The environment targeted rate will help pay for 200km of new high-quality tracks and 300 hygiene stations to reduce the risk of people spreading kauri dieback disease.

New: Pest Free Auckland support  ($1.8 million)

Investment in a community relationship management system, regional telemetry network and digital platform that provides a single streamlined point of access to support, resources, and initiatives as well as the ability to aggregate community data to a regional level

Expanded: Rural possum control ($25 million)

Possums reduced to low levels across rural Auckland so native species and primary production can flourish. The next 12 months includes control over more than 30,000ha in the Hunua Ranges, the ‘Hunua Halo’ buffer and the Tapora, South Head and Āwhitu Peninsulas. 

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