Roadside recycling coming soon to Great Barrier Island

Publish Date : 11 Sep 2018
Roadside Recycling coming soon to Great Barrier Island (1) (1)

Great Barrier, get ready for your new roadside recycling service! We’re rolling out a brand-new recycling crate collection service starting 1 October 2018.

As part of the Tikapa Moana Hauraki Gulf Islands Waste Plan, we are working towards a zero-waste future with specific targets to reduce plastic and waste sent to landfill.

Great Barrier Island residents asked for a better value recycling system as part of the local board plan to lead the region on the path towards zero waste. So, we’ve created a simple roadside service for residents of Great Barrier Island to use.

Great Barrier Local Board Chairperson Izzy Fordham says the service will make it easier for Great Barrier residents to recycle right and recycle often.

“This transition is a step in the right direction to become more efficient with our waste on Great Barrier.”

Recycling crates are replacing recycling drop-off points

Auckland Council will provide two 60 litre recycling crates to residential households on Great Barrier Island on 26 September 2018.

When your crate is full, simply take it to the roadside before 8am on Monday, your usual collection day, from 1 October 2018.

You don’t need to use plastic bags for your recycling – you can place recyclable items directly in the crate.

Wondering about what you can and can’t put into the recycling? Instructions will be sent out with your crate or you can go here for more information.

When does my service start?

Roadside recycling collections will start 1 October 2018.

Your regular recycling drop-off points will be removed starting 14 October 2018. The Claris rubbish and recycling station will also be relocated to outside the landfill at 70 Gray Road on this date.

Will the service be offered in my area?

Roads marked in PURPLE are within the service area and collections will be made on the roadside.

Roads marked in GREEN and ORANGE will not be serviced – but can use a designated consolidation point located on serviceable roads around the island.

Roadside Recycling coming soon to Great Barrier Island
Map of service area of the new roadside recycling collection service coming to Great Barrier Island

Need more information?

For more information about the new roadside recycling service, visit Make the Most of Waste.

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