Grants available for food waste champions

Publish Date : 12 Feb 2019
Grants available for food waste champions

Have you got some great ideas about how to reduce household food waste?

Applications are now open for Auckland Council’s 2018/2019 Love Food Hate Waste Fund.

Food waste makes up 45 per cent of the average Aucklanders rubbish bag or bin, and waste audits show that nearly all of this can be put to better uses.

“Inspiring people to change their behaviour around food waste takes effort from the whole community,” says Parul Sood, Programme Director Waste Solutions.

“We want to help empower people to make real change in their local area, so we all can make the best use of the food we buy.”

According to new research from Love Food Hate Waste, New Zealanders throw away 157,398 tonnes of food a year. That adds up to nearly $1.17 billion worth of food that goes somewhere to rot, instead of being eaten.

Auckland Council is seeking applicants who have projects that focus on the following initiatives: planning food purchases and meals, creative cooking or recipes for leftovers (or commonly wasted items), tips for good storage of food, and raising awareness of the problem of household food waste.

Does this sound like something you are working on? Applications are open until 4 March 2019. Successful applicants can receive up to $3000 for their project.

Please note the Love Food Hate Waste fund will be allocated to projects that specifically focus on behaviour change and food waste reduction.

Visit the Auckland Council website for full information and to apply.

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