Students’ vision helps create community

Last Updated : 02 Jul 2019
Food Share Stand
From left to right: Ōrākei Local Board member Troy Churton with Remuera Intermediate students Leila Daniels, Stella Cook and Hannah Thorpe. 

Students from Remuera Intermediate have installed a food-sharing stand outside the Ōrākei Local Board office at 25 St Johns Road.

Hannah Thorpe, Stella Cook, and Leila Daniels say they wanted to create something that would benefit everyone in the community.

The students approached Ōrākei Local Board member Troy Churton with the idea of a food-sharing stand and asked if it could be located outside the local board’s office.

Reducing food scraps

“When the girl’s came to us with their idea, we thought it was really fantastic. As well as creating community sharing spaces, these stands help to reduce food scraps locally by giving people the opportunity to pass on food they don’t need,” Churton said.

The students installed the stand themselves on a rainy Saturday morning. Ōrākei Local Board Chair Kit Parkinson says the local board members were really impressed with their energy and enthusiasm.

Leila Daniels says people can leave fruit, vegetables, jams, chutneys, preserves or canned food in the stand and they can then take some donated food in return.

Long-term sustainability

“Our vision is for long-term sustainability, which we hope will be achieved by the broader community taking a sense of ownership and pride in the stand, and using it as a focus point for generosity. We also hope it encourages people to grow and share their own fruit and vegetables,” she said.

If you live local to the Ōrākei Local Board office, help to create community and reduce food scraps by using the food-sharing stand.

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