Know where your dogs are this lambing season

Publish Date : 02 Aug 2019
Know where your dogs are this lambing season
Dog attacks on lambs increase at this time of year.

Dog owners are being reminded to be extra vigilant during lambing and calving season, as the risk of stock attack increases this time of year.

Auckland Council Animal Management Manager Sarah Anderson says dogs need to be kept under control and properly confined at all times, especially in rural areas.

“If dogs are not familiar with stock, we’d recommend keeping them on a leash while they're being exercised,” she says.

Sarah says dog owners need to take responsibility for their dogs.

“Owners need to be accountable and should know where their dogs are during the day and at night. Dogs should be confined (fenced, kennel and run, or indoors at night) and under control at all times.

“Dogs are excited by different sounds and smells. With lambing and calving season coming up this can attract their attention.”

The Dog Control Act 1996 states the owner of a dog responsible for an attack is liable for a fine of up to $3000, in addition to any liability that he or she may incur for any damage caused by the attack.

Stock owners, or anyone concerned, should call the council on 09 301 0101 and report all roaming dogs.

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