Stonefields residents beautify berms

Last Updated : 29 Aug 2019
Stonefields residents beautify berms
Stonefields residents hard at work beautifying berms in the suburb.

Residents of Stonefields are volunteering their time to restore over 350 decade-old planter boxes on berms in the suburb that have fallen into disrepair.

The Streetscape Enhancement Programme will see the planter boxes cleaned, repaired, re-painted and, in some cases, re-mulched and re-planted.

Kerry Laing, a committee member of the Stonefields Residents Association, says he worked closely with Ōrākei Local Board, Auckland Transport and other stakeholders to make the programme happen.

“A significant number of the berm planter boxes had become overgrown with kikuyu grass, making our streets look unkempt and untidy.

“In a number of places, the wooden surrounds of the boxes had fallen apart or been broken by mowing contractors.

“Our residents association had received numerous complaints from the community about the unkempt appearance of some of the berms. It’s important to our residents that their environment is tidy and attractive.

“Ōrākei Local Board encouraged us to make a grant application and they ended up provided about half the estimated cost for the work.

“We're looking for more residents to volunteer, so if you can spare an hour or two, swing a hammer and wield a paintbrush, or would like to learn, get in touch and we'll make it happen!”

To get involved or to learn more, contact the Stonefields Residents Association at

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