Long Bay park rangers hit the trails on e-bikes

Publish Date : 24 Jan 2020
Rangers going electric off-road 1

Auckland Council park rangers are embracing the electric revolution to patrol one of our region’s most popular parks.

Staff at Long Bay Regional Park are donning helmets and taking to the trails on e-bikes.

Auckland Council Principal Ranger Scott De Silva says the e-bike trial in the park ranger team has been a success so far. “We’re really happy. The e-bikes work well at Long Bay and the staff are loving it”.

The use of e-bikes is part of Auckland Council’s sustainability goals and reducing the carbon footprint around council activities.

“This is a great innovative solution from the parks team. Using the e-bikes means our rangers are less reliant on diesel and petrol vehicles,” says Cr Pippa Coom, deputy chairperson of Auckland Council’s Environment and Climate Change Committee.

“It is about being responsible and showing Aucklanders that the council cares about the environment and is keen to play our part”.

Senior Ranger De Silva agrees. “It also helps us keep fit and it is a real joy to ride along the paths in Long Bay”.

He says that the e-bikes are here to stay in Long Bay and that Auckland Council is looking at how the e-bikes can be used in other parks.

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