Mayor commends $3.4bn government investment in Auckland's transport

Publish Date : 29 Jan 2020
Aerial view of Auckland city

Mayor Phil Goff is pleased the government has responded positively to Auckland Council’s calls for greater investment in Auckland’s infrastructure, with the announcement today of an extra $3.4 billion in funding for the city's transport system.

“We have been talking to the government for several months about what Auckland needs in this infrastructure package and I commend the government for delivering on our calls.

“The package allocates Auckland, which is expected to gain over half of the country’s population growth over the next decade, a fair and proportionate share of the transport funding package,” says Phil Goff.

“It recognises the pressure that population growth has put on Auckland over a long period and the need for investment in infrastructure to match and cope with that growth.

“We are playing catch-up and it’s critical that we invest in this way to tackle congestion, carbon emissions, productivity losses from a gridlocked transport network, and to meet New Zealand’s need to have an international and globally competitive city in Auckland.

“While meeting urgent needs in roading such as Mill Road and Penlink, which services Auckland’s rapid population and housing growth, the package also encourages transport mode shift to tackle traffic congestion.

“With CRL, the need for a third main trunk and electrification to Pukekohe are vital. New walk and cycleways will be built alongside motorways, and Skypath and Seapath will connect the North Shore to the City Centre for pedestrians and cyclists for the first time.”

“This investment sits alongside the announcement of a joint council and government transport investment package (ATAP) in 2018 which set record levels of investment in our transport network over the next decade.

“The additional funding will help us bring forward ATAP projects and complete them earlier. It will also free up some of Auckland Council’s funding to meet other pressing transport needs.

“This package doesn’t solve all of our problems but gives impetus to our programme to decongest our city,” Phil Goff said.

Transport projects in Auckland with new funding confirmed today by the Prime Minister are:

  • Mill Road corridor ($1.3 billion, starting late 2022)
  • Penlink ($411 million, starting late 2021)
  • third lanes in each direction from Papakura to Drury ($423 million, starting late 2020)
  • Third main heavy rail trunk line from Quay St/Britomart station to Wiri Station ($315 million, starting late 2020)
  • Electrification of Papakura to Pukekohe line ($371 million, starting late 2020)
  • Two new train stations in Drury ($247 million, starting 2023)
  • Skypath and Seapath ($360 million, starting 2021)
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