Meg finds her forever home down south

Shelter dog adopted and re-homed in Christchurch

Publish Date : 24 Jan 2020
Meg finds her forever home down south
Meg was brought into the Auckland Council's Henderson Animal Shelter in November last year.
Meg dog 4
Meg, a six-month-old chocolate Labrador has found a new home in Christchurch with Kim Jones and her family.
Meg dog 6
Playing at one of her favourite places.

Kim Jones didn’t expect to fall in love on her recent visit to Auckland, but that’s exactly what happened.

“There was an instant connection,” the Christchurch woman says.

Kim found her four-legged soulmate at the Auckland Council Henderson Animal Shelter.

“I was visiting my daughter in West Auckland and had a strong feeling to visit an animal shelter, so I did. After meeting Fudge [now named Meg] at the shelter, she and I had a bond… I was able to understand and read her.”

Kim says her previous dog, a beautiful bearded collie Buddy Girl, had died.

“It impacted me hugely.

“I knew another dog would come to me therefore I was looking, but I was not just going to add a dog to our life, not without the choice being made for me.”

Meg dog 5
Meg, a six-month-old chocolate Labrador has found a new home in Christchurch with Kim Jones and her family.

Kim flew home to Christchurch and got the call she was waiting for.

“I returned to Christchurch feeling positive that we would see her again. Thankfully we were selected for her adoption.”

Shelter manager Louise Palmer says Meg, a six-month-old chocolate Labrador, was a stray found by police on 1 November 2019.

Louise says the pup was put up for adoption after the owner failed to claim her.

“We had a lot of interest in this lovely girl. She is a gentle loving pup and the staff just adored her.”

A total of 460 dogs were adopted from Auckland Council animal shelters in 2019.

“Rehoming to other areas of New Zealand isn’t a problem for us. We held her until the family were able to arrange to fly her to Christchurch.

“She’s gone to such a great home.”

Kim says the council shelter staff were “absolutely amazing”.

“They are so loving with all the animals within their care. The facility, activities provided to animals and general respect the staff show is award-winning in my mind.”

With Christchurch parks and beaches as her new playground, Meg is fitting into the family’s routine and lives.

“She is a happy, healthy wee soul. We love her so much. She is very clever and understands several new commands. She is also very hungry and has grown so much already – she will be a big girl,” Kim laughs.

To find out more information about adopting a dog from an Auckland Council shelter visit the Auckland Council website.

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