International troupe Hatenkohro to perform in Auckland

Last Updated : 11 Sep 2020
Hatenkohro’s thrilling repertoire blends authentic Japanese classical performance with contemporary dance and stage combat underpinned by their Heavy Metal Circus Orchestra.

Tokyo-based performance troupe Hatenkohro is bringing their lively musical ensemble to Auckland’s city centre on Wednesday 19 February.

In New Zealand for the upcoming Splore festival, Hatenkohro musicians play classic 17th century Japanese music – modernised with a metal rock sound.

Supported by Auckland Council, the free one-hour public concert also includes displays of sword fighting and contemporary dance.

Hatenkohro’s costumes are part of an upcycling kimono collaboration between Auckland Unitec design students and premier hatter Hills Hats. A Wellington-based company, Hills Hats makes commercial hats, uniform and costume hats.

Facilitated by New Zealand based Japanese artist Niroko Collins, of Kimono Kollab, it’s one of the many council-supported upcycling and sustainable projects, council’s City Centre Place Activation Team Leader Barbara Holloway says.

“Kimono Kollab is a project that gives new life to pre-loved kimonos. It celebrates artists and students who are upcycling materials through their art practices and shows a commitment to sustainability,” she says.

Hatenkohro will be supported by Weed Cart, an experimental social sculpture by New Zealand artist Chris Berthlesen and Japanese collaborators, who transform weeds into delicious and surprising traditional Japanese Nigiri for the community to experience.  

“Weed Cart emphasises the need for collaboration and an understanding that the most extraordinary things can impact positively on climate change,” Barbara says.

With talented musicians, dancers and artists, Hatenkohro’s performance shouldn’t be missed.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to see international artists performing for free in the heart of our city.”

Hatenkohro will perform in the Ellen Melville Courtyard on 19 February from 6-7pm.

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