Emergency Committee and Governing Body decision digest – 28 May

Publish Date : 28 May 2020

Auckland Council’s Emergency Committee and Governing Body both met today for what was the last Emergency Committee meeting before regular council committees resume.

The following is a summary of decisions made. The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.

Emergency Committee Meeting

Item 8: COVID-19 briefing and Auckland Emergency Management status update   

The regular weekly update on the COVID-19 pandemic and the Auckland Emergency Management response was received by the committee.

This week’s updates included:

  • Ian Maxwell, Director Executive Programmes, on the Auckland Council Group COVID-19 response.

  • Mace Ward, Group Controller, Auckland Emergency Management, with an update on Auckland’s current emergency response.

  • Phil Wilson, Group Recovery Manager COVID-19, gave a general update on recovery work.

The full updates will be available to view on-demand on the Auckland Council website.

Item 9: Review findings of the Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw 2015

The Auckland Council Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw was adopted in 2015 and is due to expire in June 2020. As required by law, a review of the Bylaw must be completed to determine if any changes are needed to the current bylaw.

The committee endorsed the review findings report, the first step in the bylaw review process, and a further options report will be brought to the Regulatory Committee in June.

 Governing Body Meeting

The Governing Body continues to meet on matters that cannot be legally delegated to the Emergency Committee.

Item 9:   Adoption of the recommendations of the 21 May 2020 Emergency Committee on Rates and Fees Issues for the Emergency Budget 2020/2021    

Following a recommendation from last week’s Emergency Committee, the Governing Body adopted minor changes to rating policy and some fees for inclusion in the Emergency Budget 2020/2021 and amendments to the council’s Revenue and Financing Policy.

These changes were publicly consulted on in February and March this year and some of the changes recommended are subject to the consideration of further feedback.

Item 10:  Adoption of recommendations of the 21 May 2020 Emergency Committee on the Annual Budget 2020/2021 Emergency Budget public consultation approach   

The Governing Body endorsed the engagement approach for public consultation on the Emergency Budget following a recommendation from the Emergency Committee.

This item was discussed at last week’s Emergency Committee meeting.

Public consultation will run from 29 May 2020 to 19 June 2020 with feedback options through written, telephone and digital channels.

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