Heritage toilet block set to shine again

Basalt stone structure to remain

Publish Date : 02 Jul 2020
Selwyn Reserve 1
Heritage toilet block at Selwyn Reserve, Mission Bay
Selwyn Reserve loo
Selwyn Reserve, Mission Bay heritage toilet block.

Selwyn Reserve in Mission Bay is perhaps best known for the Trevor Davis Memorial Fountain, a popular landmark and picnic destination since the 1950s, so it may be easy to miss the wonderful 1920s structure at one end of the park. 

The heritage stone building is, in fact, a toilet block, but don’t let its purpose stop you from appreciating its form. The uncoursed basalt stone was salvaged from the remains of St Andrew’s Chapel and School which once stood to the north of the reserve.

In preparation for an expected influx of visitors to the area for the 36th America’s Cup, and due for a renewal, the building is set to receive a refresh.

“The heritage building is just a small, vitally important part of the overall charm of Mission Bay, and so we have ensured that any works undertaken will take into consideration the heritage is protected and original materials are used where possible,” explains Orakei Local Board Chair Scott Milne. 

“The facilities are in need of a refresh, so I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear of the upgrade.”

Between 6 July and 7 August 2020, the Selwyn Reserve toilet block will be closed for works.  Including replacing cedar shingles on the roof, replacing the toilet units, painting, LED light fitting and refurbishing of the security gates.

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