Music stars join five SUSO hubs

Auckland Council enables leading lights from music industry to support young talent

Publish Date : 07 Aug 2020
Music stars join five SUSO hubs
Music stars join five SUSO hubs (2)
Tommy Nee
Music stars join five SUSO hubs (5)
Sam Allen
Music stars join five SUSO hubs (3)
Tonga Vaea

Kings, the extraordinary talent behind double-platinum hit ‘Don't Worry ‘Bout It’ is joining a dream team of selectors for Stand Up Stand Out (SUSO) in 2020.

Kings will bring a guiding hand to young performers at the auditions in the north, Sam Allen in the east, Edy on the Beat in central Auckland, Tonga Vaea in the south and Tommy Nee out west.

They’ll sit beside music industry veteran Cherie Mathieson and work together to calm any nerves, offer performance tips, give valuable music industry insight, but most of all they’ll sit back and listen as the city’s next generation of music stars step up to the microphone on stage.

They’ll witness the raw talent and energy young people bring to music every year at SUSO: original sounds, new interpretations, tight harmonies and fresh beats.

Music stars join five SUSO hubs (1)

Councillor Alf Filipaina, Chair of the Parks, Arts, Community and Events committee is proud Auckland Council is able to continue supporting Stand Up Stand Out.

He says: “We are grateful to our six exceptionally talented selectors. Many have been part of the SUSO family before as judges, mentors or contestants.

“For some of our gifted young musicians, this is their first chance to step up onto a stage, perform in front of an audience and rub shoulders with leaders in the music industry. SUSO helps enable them to share their voice through music,” he says.

When COVID-19 threatened to dismantle this year’s SUSO event earlier this year, Auckland Council’s SUSO team got creative.

They devised a new format that would work within revised budget constraints but would still deliver the city’s annual music showcase, coveted by secondary schools.

All SUSO hub sessions are from 9am to 2pm:

  • East hub – Te Oro, Glen Innes: 12 August with Cherie Mathieson and Sam Allen
  • Central hub – Roskill Youth Zone: 19 August with Cherie Mathieson and Edy on the Beat
  • South hub – Hawkins Theatre, Papakura: 25 - 26 August with Cherie Mathieson and Tonga Vaea
  • North hub – Takapuna War Memorial Hall: 2 - 3 September with Cherie Mathieson and Kings
  • West hub – Lopdell House, Titirangi: 9 September with Cherie Mathieson and Tommy Nee
Music stars join five SUSO hubs (4)
Cherie Mathieson

There will be a small live audience to accommodate school support teams at the venues and friends and families can experience the performances via livestream events shared across the SUSO Facebook page. Friends and whānau are encouraged to support with lots of virtual applause – shout-outs, shares and likes.

From the auditions, 25 acts will be selected to advance to the SUSO 2020 Showcase at Māngere Arts Centre – Ngā Tohu o Uenuku - on 26 September; 3pm to 6.30pm.

Stand Up Stand Out is proudly brought to the region by Auckland Council. It is another way for Auckland to celebrate its status as a UNESCO City of Music, sharing the enjoyment of music with students, schools, their families and all Aucklanders.

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