Council committed to working together for community sport

Collaborating with national and regional sports organisations is a must

Last Updated : 12 Mar 2021
Community Sport

Auckland Council has acknowledged the findings in an independent review commissioned by the North Harbour Sports Council, into the funding and delivery of community sport in the Auckland region.

The report recognises areas of effective delivery across Auckland as well as identifying areas for improvement.

Mace Ward, General Manager Parks, Sport and Recreation says rapid growth and social change are changing the face of Auckland.

“This creates an opportunity to build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive society where people feel they belong.

“Community sport is a key part of this vision. It can bring people together in both organised and casual environments, improving the health, social and cultural outcomes for Aucklanders.

“Auckland Council has a clear commitment toward the delivery of sport and recreational activities that improve the health, education and community outcomes of Aucklanders,” he says.

Cr Alf Filipaina, Chair of the Parks, Arts, Community and Events Committee echoes that commitment.

“It is only by working together with the sport and recreation sector that we will be successful in increasing participation, physical activity, recreation and play for everyone across Auckland.

“We look forward to working with Sport NZ, Aktive and key partners to ensure that there is continuous improvement across planning, provision and delivery of sport, recreation and play in Auckland,” he says.

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