Iconic centrepiece on show for America's Cup audience

Publish Date : 10 Mar 2021
Iconic centrepiece on show for America's Cup audience
Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain

The iconic fountain at Mission Bay will be turned on so that the charms of the eastern seaside suburb can be experienced by the audience for the 36th America’s Cup.

Ōrākei Local Board asked for the Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain to be turned on temporarily, as this and other fountains across the city had been turned off to conserve water during the regionwide drought.

"The fountain is iconic to Mission Bay and we thought it was an opportunity to have the area looking its very best not just for those in Auckland but those watching the racing from overseas,” says local board Chair Scott Milne.

“For a community grappling with the effects of COVID-19 we saw it as a chance to have a little bit of normal back in our community. 

“There is an immediate feel-good factor for locals and businesses, but long-term benefits that could come by attracting visitors to our area in the future makes it a worthwhile exercise.”

He says once the board was advised maintenance checks were scheduled for the structure, they asked that the work could coincide with the racing.

Constructed in 1947 the memorial fountain was donated to the city of Auckland by previous Mayor Sir Ernest Davis in memory of his son. Designed by architect George Tole and constructed of Sicilian Marble, the fountain is decorated with bronze sea monster statues and puts on both a water and light show, making Selwyn Reserve, where it is located, a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike to the area.

Water fountains across the city are in the process of being tested to ensure that they remain in good working order following almost 13 months of sitting idle. They have not been operating as part of the council’s drive to save water as the city continues to live with water restrictions.

The local board took that into consideration when asking for the fountain to be turned on.

“Knowing that the water in this fountain is reticulated and the only water loss would be from evaporation or from use helped us make this decision as the only additional cost to the ratepayer is the usual costs of running the fountain for two weeks.”

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