COVID-19: Financial support available if you are struggling

Last Updated : 01 Nov 2021
Are you eligible for a rates rebate

We know COVID-19 and changes in alert levels put an added pressure on families already struggling to make ends meet. If you are worried about paying your rates, there are options available to you to make life a bit easier. Read about these options below, or call us on 09 301 0101.

Postponement of rates for ratepayers impacted by COVID-19

The council has extended its COVID-19 rates postponement scheme for the 2021/2022 year. This scheme was initially set up for 2020/2021 and enabled ratepayers who were financially impacted by COVID-19 to put off paying up to $20,000 of their 2020/2021 rates per property until 30 June 2022 and gave a further 12 months to pay off the balance.

We also allowed $5000 of rates per property deferred from individual ratepayers’ 2019/2020 fourth quarter instalment to be carried over.

Applications for the scheme closed on 31 December 2020.

This opportunity has been reinstated and ratepayers can apply to have their rates covered using the same criteria, for the 2021/2022 year.

Find details about the scheme such as interest charges and fees, as well as how to apply, on our website.

Postponement of rates for residential properties

​Even if your financial situation is not a direct result of COVID-19, a rates postponement on your residential property may still be an option, so long as you have the required equity in your property. The available equity is the difference between our valuation of the property at the most recent revaluation and the value of any debt against the property if you have insured the property for its full value.

If you meet the criteria, the scheme allows you to postpone all or part of your property rates payments for an agreed period of time. The current interest on residential rates postponements is 1 per cent.

Rates can be deferred under this scheme for as long as the ratepayer wishes so long as they continue to meet the criteria of the scheme.

You can read more about the policy and find the application form on our website.

Rates rebate

The rates rebate scheme provides a discount of up to $665 for low-income earners.

Even if you have paid the current year’s rates in full, you can still apply for the rates rebate.

The Auckland Council rebate calculation includes total rates and water-related payments.

If you have previously received a property rates rebate, you will have received a property rates rebate application form and guide in August with your property rates bill.

If you haven’t applied before but think you might be eligible, we will help you through the application process and list the information needed to support your application.

Check out our guide to property rates rebates to see the eligibility criteria and application forms.

Flexible payment options

There are various ways to pay your rates to suit you and your situation. These include, direct debit, automatic payment, telephone banking and internet banking. With a direct debit payment, you can choose weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly frequencies to suit you.

Please note, during COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4 in-person payments at our service centres are not possible as our centres are closed. You can, however, pay your rates by cash or Eftpos at any PostShop that is able to operate at the current Alert Level. Check which PostShops are open on the NZPost website.

Get in touch

Our customer service teams are always available and have the information to help you understand the above options and how to apply. Call them on 09 301 01 01 or make an enquiry online

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