Have your say on Auckland Light Rail

Publish Date : 20 Aug 2021
Have your say on Auckland Light Rail

Auckland Light Rail are three-quarters of the way through their ambitious community engagement programme and have been impressed by the willingness of Aucklanders to get behind this project.

“We started with a goal of 20 community events and stakeholder workshops and we had scheduled over 30,” says Tommy Parker, the Project Director.

“Sadly, the events scheduled for the next seven days will not go ahead and we want to really encourage people to have their feedback by participating online during this lockdown.” While the programme focusses on gaining as much engagement as possible along the corridor communities, all Aucklanders are encouraged to participate.

“It’s important people take this opportunity to participate in engagement and be heard in this process,” says Parker. “During lockdown, our project team are happy to chat on the phone or reply to email queries."

The project website is being updated with more information and resources. 

“We want to provide Aucklanders with a good understanding so they can have informed conversations about this project and what it will mean for their communties and for the city.”

So what feedback has the project been hearing so far?  “Hurry up and get it done!” laughs Parker, “We’re finding a lot of support and some concerns, and we want to hear all feedback, even if people aren’t sure – we want to hear it all.”

You can give your feedback online at lightrail.co.nz/your-views, email the Light Rail team at lightrail@nzta.govt.nz or phone 0800 (LIGHTRAIL)

Up to date information about the status of engagement events can be found on the project website.

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