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Publish Date : 23 Aug 2021
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Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board deputy chairperson Dawn Trenberth

If Old Papatoetoe is part of your life, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to have your say on its future.

Eke Panuku has kicked off workshops with the community to hear what they want the development agency to focus on in the town centre for the next ten years. 

Central to the workshops will be a masterplan that covers a range of potential community improvements. New housing (with an emphasis on quality, affordability and sustainability) and changes to access is already planned, with a community hub and recreation spaces all up for discussion.  

“We’re here because Auckland Council has asked us to review the town centre and make sure that the community has everything it needs to thrive, today and into the future,” says Richard Davison, the agency's programme director for Old Papatoetoe.

“We’ve got some ideas, which have been shared with us by locals over the last four years and we are hoping to receive many more ideas from the community, so that we end up developing something that locals really want and the area needs. 

“Things that we’ve heard so far are that council needs to encourage good quality housing to be built here so that everyone has a roof over their heads - affordable housing that’s walking distance to transport, a supermarket and many activities. This is starting to happen as part of our current plan. 

“We know from recent research that there is a lack of quality recreational green spaces for people to relax, exercise and hang out near the town centre, so we want to give this to the community. 

“There is already a recreation centre in the town, but what else is needed? What other community spaces does the council need to provide in the future? Are you a group that has nowhere to get together, because there is nothing suitable? Come and tell us what you need.”

Dawn Trenberth, deputy chair of the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board, says that this area is in dire need of investment.

"Small changes have been happening, but we need big ones to make a strong impact. 

“What are the big things you wished the council would do? Now is the time to come and tell them what you need in your area.” 

“This is a very exciting opportunity for the community. It's really a blank canvas for those who have ideas they want to share. If we’re going to truly shape Old Papatoetoe into something for the community, by the community, then every idea matters.

“Make sure that you’re a part of the planning process, as we don’t want to do this any other way.”

The workshops have moved online (previously at the Papatoetoe Library). Please RSVP for your preferred session time.

If you are unable to make any of the workshops you can call 0800 PANUKU SOUTH and leave your feedback, in any language, and it will also be included as part of the consultation. 

Once the workshops are finished, all feedback will be compiled and put into a report for the planning team to consider as they finish off the masterplan. 

Have your say in the future of Old Papatoetoe. To find out more, view all session times and to book a spot, visit the website.

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