Fun nature activities for kids

Last Updated : 10 Nov 2021
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Getting out in nature in your bubble is a great way to have fun and stay active during lockdown.

Here are some activities for you to keep the kids entertained in your backyard or on your walk through your local park:

Exploring nature in your backyard

Raining outside? Here’s a fun tree quiz. Can you identify trees just by their leaves?

Or check out the Ranger Glenn videos on Facebook. There are lots of cool ideas of nature activities to do, including using fruit and a stick to make a manu (bird) feeder. Also check out the cool bug hotel or lizard lounge videos and when you can get outside, give one of the activities a go.

Post some pictures of your creations on the Auckland Parks Facebook page to let Ranger Glenn and the team know what you have created.

You can learn so much about nature in your very own garden. The kids worksheets from Auckland Botanic Gardens include a range of fun, easy activities and challenges you can do at home.

Go for a bike ride

Biking with kids is a fun adventure and a great way to get outdoors together, explore new local areas/trails and create family memories. Riding a bike not only improves physical fitness, but it also benefits your child’s learning, development and mental health. AKLPaths has a wealth of options in your local area.

Photo safari

Choose a subject (e.g. flowers or a colour theme) and see what photos you can capture. We’d love to see them so get one of your whānau to upload them to the Auckland Parks Facebook page.

Start a nature journal

Draw, sketch, paint or chalk pictures of leaves, trees or birds. There are some beautiful trees like magnolias that might be in flower or daffodils might be out now. Can you capture all the pinks, purples, yellows and cream colours around your neighbourhood?

Bird spotting

Do a 5-minute bird survey each day to see how many native birds you can spot. Did you see a tui? Check out this video to see what happened on Ranger Anna’s bird count.

Not sure what you’ve spotted? Read this article to see what some of our most common native birds look like.

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