Consultation begins with Auckland Council workforce on vaccination policy

Publish Date : 01 Nov 2021

UPDATE | We have announced the results of consultation with council employees and our workplace vaccination policy. Read more here

Auckland Council has today begun a two-week consultation with its employees on a proposed approach to COVID-19 vaccinations.

The council is asking its workforce for feedback on a proposal that would require all Auckland Council employees, and a range of other people who carry out work for us, to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to safely carry out their roles.

Auckland Council Chief Executive Jim Stabback says vaccinations play a critical role in keeping all Aucklanders safe from COVID-19 and is the best way of protecting our people from the virus.

“In developing this approach, we looked carefully at the risk posed by COVID-19 and the potential ways we can manage it,” he says.

“We concluded that in order for our people to safely perform their roles, anyone who works in our facilities, offices, or out in the field, should be vaccinated.”

The council recently conducted a survey of staff, which found that 91 per cent of those who responded had either their first dose and intended to have their second, or were already fully vaccinated. Another 2.1 per cent said they intended to get vaccinated.

“Over the last few months, we have strongly encouraged our workforce to get vaccinated, and the results of the survey were encouraging,” says Mr Stabback.

“However, as we look ahead to the future and think about how we best protect our people when our buildings and facilities begin to reopen, a policy that provides clarity and has health and safety at its core is in the best interests of everyone.”

While the policy is being developed, the council continues to keep an eye on the government’s approach, and any changes to legislation, on vaccinations.

Mr Stabback anticipates that, following the consultation period and analysis of the feedback, a policy will be agreed in early December.

The policy does not apply to the council’s Governing Body or Local Board members, who have different arrangements to staff, or the Council-controlled Organisations, which have their own responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

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