Auckland Council announces workforce vaccination policy

Publish Date : 30 Nov 2021

Update 4 April 2022 | From Tuesday 5 April vaccine passes will not be needed at council sites and facilities. Masks, physical distancing and staying home if sick is still vital. Read more about our updated approach to vaccination here

Original story:

Following a two-week consultation earlier this month, Auckland Council has announced a new approach to vaccinations for its workforce and visitors to its corporate offices.

From this Friday, 3 December 2021, the council will require employees, and a range of others, who work in its facilities, offices, or out in the field to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to carry out their roles.

Staff will have until 17 January 2022 to comply with the requirement but will not be able to enter council workplaces in the meantime unless they are fully vaccinated.

Visitors to the council’s corporate offices will also need to show proof of vaccination.

The council has also confirmed new safety requirements for customers using its facilities and services.

Auckland Council Chief Executive Jim Stabback says, “Vaccinations continue to play a critical role in keeping us all safe from COVID-19 and are the most effective way of protecting our people, and those who work closely with us.

“In developing a proposed approach, we looked carefully at the risk posed by the virus and how we could best manage it,” says Mr Stabback.

“Through that work, we concluded that for our people to safely perform their roles, anyone who works for us, whether that be in our offices, facilities or out in the community, needs to be vaccinated.”

During the consultation, the council heard from more than half of its workforce. Of those who responded, 83 per cent agreed with the proposal, 14 per cent disagreed and a further 3 per cent neither agreed or disagreed or didn’t know.

Mr Stabback said it was important for the organisation to understand what was on the minds of its people throughout the consultation and the final policy that has been adopted is stronger as a result of the feedback received.

A survey carried out in October showed that 91 per cent of staff had either had one dose and intended to have their second, or were already fully vaccinated, while a further 2.1 per cent indicated they intended to be vaccinated.

Mr Stabback says as the policy is implemented, the council will continue to encourage and support those members of the workforce who have yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“This policy has health and safety at its core. As we look ahead to the Government’s new COVID-19 Protection Framework coming into effect from Friday, 3 December 2021, when many of our services and facilities are able to reopen, it’s important we provide our people and customers with certainty on our position and the role we’re playing to keep people safe.”

The policy will be reviewed and adjusted to reflect up-to-date public health advice and any new requirements by the Government.

The council is continuing to consult on guidelines for its 170 elected members.

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