ANZAC events not at risk in Whau, says board

Publish Date : 26 May 2022

Whau Local Board has asked Auckland Transport to investigate the costs of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for events such as Anzac Day parades to see if costs can be reduced.

The board made the request at its May meeting, as a result of a rise in costs attributed to TMPs in events within the Whau Local Board area.

TMPs are required when an activity such as an event requires road closures and sets out how road users will be directed around an area.

Commitment to ANZAC Day events remains

Board Chair Kay Thomas says that the board will still fund ANZAC Day events.

“I want to be clear that we will not be withdrawing our support for ANZAC Day events in Whau,” she says.

“The parades are at the core of our community, they are cherished within our community and we, as a board feel the same way about them.

“We do, however have a very limited budget available, so significant increases in costs for things such as TMPs are not accounted for in our existing funding lines and makes our ability to fund the events all the more difficult.

“But I want to be clear, our commitment to ANZAC Day events in Whau remains the same.”

More efficient

Member Jessica Rose says that this is about finding ways to be more efficient with the funding available.

“What we really want to get to the bottom of is why the costs of TMPs are rising so much, and if there is a better, smarter way to get them done.

“So, first, we are asking Auckland Transport, who do a really good job of supporting our ANZAC Day parades in New Lynn and Avondale, to investigate what exactly we are paying for when applying for a TMP. Then secondly, we want them to see if there is a smarter way we can do them given the rising cost.

“For example, our ANZAC Day parades use the same route each year, meaning essentially the same route and TMP is used.

“We think that there is the potential to investigate a standard template or similar so that we do not have to start from scratch, and at the same time reducing the cost of getting the TMP.”

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