Tree Planting

There was good news for Kaipātiki’s urban ngahere (forest) following the planting of $20,000 of trees in the area.

The planting meets one of the key objectives in the Kaipātiki Local Board Plan 2020 to protect and enhance the urban forest, and also contributes towards the targets set in the Urban Ngahere Strategy.

“We're really excited to see this project proceed to the planting stage, so that we can increase canopy cover and shade in our road corridors and parks,” says John Gillon, Local Board Chair.

“Tree planting, care and a long-term vision will help lead to a cooler environment, improved air quality and improved mental health well-being.”

Deputy Chair Danielle Grant agrees, “while Kaipātiki has one of the largest areas of continuous urban vegetation in Auckland, it's important to continue to grow this in the public space as we lose more and more trees due to private developments."

Planting will be completed in June, and through July and August each tree will be checked that it has ‘taken’ and additional care provided where needed.

Planting sites across the Kaipātiki Local Board area are:  Ashfield Road, Camelot Reserve, Jacaranda Avenue Reserve, Poland Road and Tesla Place.

If you see damage to our local urban ngahere or trees that need attention, please contact Auckland Council on 09 301 0101.

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