People of Onehunga Portrait Series concludes

Publish Date : 25 May 2022
Onehunga Portraits Series
Jim Kuresa-Moore // Ten of Cups by Edith Amituanai, Sione Tuivailala Monū and Manuha’apai Vaeatangitau

The People of Onehunga Portrait series comes to an end this month after a year adorning the Tin Tacks Reserve Lightbox. 

These portraits were a collaboration between three artists. Edith Amituanai’s photography, Sione Monū’s sculptural adornments, and Manu Vaeatangitau’s illustrations, the portraits expressed each artist’s respective forms and creative practice.

The artists collaborated with people from their networks in Onehunga to create six portraits which included local students, teachers, and internationally acclaimed creatives. All portraits were themed in relation to interpretations of tarot cards expressed through the illustrations and portrait titles.

Maria Meredith, chairperson of Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board which funded the project, expressed the boards appreciation for all of those involved.

“This series was such a wonderful collaboration between artists and the Onehunga community.  Making the stories and images so personal had a big impact.”

“We would like to thank all those who were open to sharing their stories to let their light shine in a corner of Tin Tacks Reserve for a month. We would also like to thank the community for showing their support for this very locally focused project.”

The semi-permanent lightbox, situated within the Onehunga central Tin Tacks Reserve, houses two-dimensional artworks which celebrate the area’s history, culture, and identities through the arts. Between 2019 – 2024, different curators and artists are commissioned each year to produce new works which are changed regularly over each twelve-month period.

The lightbox is illuminated via solar panels between the hours of 6am and 11pm each day. Tin Tacks Lightbox is supported by the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board.

Keep a look out on the local board Facebook page for updates on the next series of works which will start at the beginning of July.

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