Improvements on the way for Birdwood Winery building

Publish Date : 22 Jun 2022
Birdwood winery
A $1.1million project to repair the building has been agreed

Plans to improve the poor condition of the Birdwood Winery building and to investigate community use options of the Birdwood Homestead building in Te Rangi Hiroa Reserve, Ranui have been agreed by Henderson-Massey Local Board.

The board agreed to a $1.1million project to fix current issues with the 100-year-old Winery building, which has heritage value and is currently being used by the West City Darts Club and the Western District Model Railway Club.

An earthquake prone notice was issued for the building following a seismic assessment, with further investigation finding a low risk of collapse, allowing the building to continue to be used.

However, a full re-roofing and re-cladding of the building is now planned to resolve water leaks and to seismically strengthen the building.

The board also decided to investigate community use options for the newly refurbished Birdwood Homestead building, which is in an area that has a high demand for community-leased space. It is currently tenanted to the West City Darts Club.

The Birdwood Homestead building

The Birdwood Homestead building

Community value

Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair, Vanessa Neeson says that both buildings have a high community value.

“These are two historic buildings that the board is keen to be used to their maximum potential, and for different reasons at the moment that is not possible,” she says.

“Being able to bring the Winery building up to scratch so that it meets code standards and fixing the current issues it has with its roof and cladding will put it in a much better place going forward.

“This is a building that, despite its current state, is well used by the community, so we know it has real value.

“While the Homestead building, which has recently had a significant amount of work done on it to also give it a refresh, now has a lot of potential to be used by a wider part of the community.

“We know that demand for community-leased space in the area is high, so we want to make sure that we are doing all we can to utilise the small number of properties we have effectively.”
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