Making Ōrākei a great place to live – together

Publish Date : 05 Jul 2022
Making Ōrākei a great place to live - together

In 2020 the community helped direct priorities for Ōrākei Local Board to focus on in the following three years. The goal: making Ōrākei a great place to live.  As that term comes to an end, it is a good time to review the progress.

The Ōrākei Local Board Progress and Achievements Report 1 January 2020 – 30 June 2022, reflects outcomes of work accomplished against the visions set out in the local board plan.  Five priorities were set, they were:  

  1. Our communities are connected, engaged and resilient
  2. Our land, forests, waterways, and marine environment are protected, restored and enhanced
  3. All parks and open space areas are attractive and well-used places for both active and passive recreation
  4. Our transport infrastructure is efficient and connected, enabling people to move around safely and effectively using a range of options
  5. Our town centres and local businesses are increasingly vibrant and prosperous
“Turning plans into reality, takes many people working together” 

Scott Milne, Chairperson of the local board, explains that combined efforts of the community, local board, Councillor, local board staff and the wider council family such as Auckland Transport, are part of every step forward.

“Over the past three years we have certainly seen an 'all hands-on deck' attitude as we worked towards meeting targets, reshuffling plans, and getting things done around COVID-19 restrictions and budgetary constraints.”

“Along with the incredible work of the council team, we simply could not have achieved as much as we have. It is also the support of numerous community groups who work across the Ōrākei Local Board area that really makes the difference.  This includes an extensive network of dedicated, energetic volunteers involved in almost every aspect of community life – sport, education, care services, and protecting and restoring the local environment and heritage.  This is very much the community’s Achievements Report.”

Read the full Ōrākei Local Board Progress and Achievements Report 1 January 2020 – 30 June 2022 here

More information on Ōrākei Local Board can be found on the Auckland Council website here

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