Work programme will deliver gains

Publish Date : 04 Jul 2022
War Memorial Park
Work on the sports fields at Manurewa War Memorial Park includes removing the turf to add a layer of sand carpet that improves drainage and should mean fewer postponements and field closures.

Despite budgets being impacted by COVID-19, Manurewa Local Board has programmed an extensive range of asset renewals and upgrades in the coming financial year.

Board Chair Joseph Allan says setting the budget was challenging, but members were pleased with the spread of projects across the area and the number of improvements that could still be made.

Funds are allocated under the board’s Customer and Community Services work programme, including almost $1million for Manurewa War Memorial Park sand carpet on training areas, with major investment also being made at Mountfort Park.

Allan says the work programme details spending in the area and while there is still uncertainty because of the pandemic’s impact, it ensures good gains for residents.

“There are some big-ticket items being allowed for but sometimes the smaller amounts are absolutely critical to ensuring our people can enjoy fit for purpose leisure facilities, such as more than $180,000 to renew assets at the Totara Park Pools.”

Manurewa Aquatic Centre also has significant funds allocated, $1.9million across the next three years, the bulk of that for asset and plant renewal.

“Our local board plan talks about our people enjoying a choice of quality community spaces, so it’s important we add them, and regularly upgrade and improve what we already have,” Allan says.

The work programme also includes budget set aside for age-friendly initiatives.

“When we renew assets, such as play spaces, that can mean making sure we have accessible seating and pathways so everyone can come and enjoy our spaces together.

“We need to ensure that while we are making new spaces for our tamariki and rangatahi that we are also providing for older residents. That’s critical to having an inclusive community, one that values what our seniors add.”

Gallaher Park has more than $500,000 allocated for work within and on the grandstand itself, with another $450,000 allocated to the ablution block.

There is $350,000 for upgrades to the Weymouth Community Hall and significant budgets earmarked for playground work, starting with the development of a Play Network Gap Analysis of current play provision levels across Manurewa.

The Community Facilities work programme runs from 1 July to 30 June next year, and includes funding indicated for the following two years. Access it here.

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