Puketāpapa work programme adopted

Publish Date : 13 Jul 2022
Puketapapa work programme

The Puketāpapa Local Board has adopted its annual work-programme and allocated funding towards a range of projects and activities in the local area.

Maintaining a pragmatic approach to spending in the face of rising costs and reduced budgets, the local board unanimously prioritised health, well-being, and the environment in the June business meeting.

Funding has been approved for the Eco Neighbourhoods programme, the Climate Action Activator, the Industrial Pollution Prevention Programme, the Oakley Creek pest plant control buffer project, the Manukau Harbour Forum and the Waikōwhai community pest plant control buffer.

“Council’s finances are incredibly tight, and will be for several more years, making it hard to balance budgets.  Thanks to staff and board members for working hard and compromising to make sure we can continue with the activities our community prioritises, in particular around climate action, and recognise that some work will have to wait,” says local board chairperson Julie Fairey.

Balancing priorities, activities to make the local area inclusive for all, activities like the Puketāpapa migrant community conservation programme, volunteer recognition, the Puketāpapa Youth Foundation and robust support to Community Centres in the area will continue.

Access to a healthy lifestyle will continue to remain a priority for the board with ongoing Healthy Puketāpapa work supported.

Investing in facilities, although challenging, will continue at a relatively moderate pace in the local area with maintenance and refurbishments of publicly owned buildings taking priority.

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