150 more places for you to drop off your vote

Publish Date : 14 Sep 2022
Postal Voting

From Friday 16 September there will be 150 extra locations across the Auckland region where you can drop off your orange return envelope. These are in addition to the New Zealand Post boxes in your neighbourhood. You’ll also find Vote Boxes at 65 Auckland Countdown supermarkets, 11 Auckland Transport (AT) hubs, libraries, council service centres as well as 29 pop-up locations across Tāmaki Makaurau. Here is a map of all the Vote Boxes in fixed locations.

“This election we’re putting Vote Boxes in more places where many Aucklanders are on a regular basis, which is one way we’re doing things differently - it breaks down some of the barriers to voting,” says Rose Leonard, Auckland Council’s Manager Governance Services.
“We want to make voting as accessible as possible to all eligible voters, from Te Hana all the way through to Pukekohe”.

And who do you vote for?

With more sites to drop off your vote, there’s one important task to complete before you do that – fill your voting papers in. But how do you choose whose name to put the tick next to?

Auckland Council has revamped its candidate profile directory with a search tool to identify who is standing in your area and what their priorities are – so it’s simple and easy for you to find out more about Auckland’s local election candidates.

Visit voteauckland.co.nz/findcandidates to decide who to vote for.

How to vote

If you’re enrolled to vote, look out for the purple envelope in your letter box. Inside you’ll find a voting guide, your voting paper and an orange return envelope.

  1. Follow the guide and tick in the circle next to the names of the people who you think have the greatest vision for Auckland.
  2. Take your orange envelope with the completed voting paper inside, and drop it off before midday on Saturday 8 October. Find your nearest Vote Box by using your phone camera to scan the QR code on the back of the orange envelope.

If you need special assistance to fill out the voting form, call Independent Election Services 0800 922 822 to discuss and arrange your specific needs.

To vote, you’ll need to be a NZ citizen or permanent resident, 18 years or over and registered on the electoral roll – visit vote.nz to check if you’re enrolled or update your details.

Haven’t received a voting pack, or not enrolled yet?

Call 0800 922 822 or visit a council service centre for a special vote pack. Voting packs will be available when voting opens on 16 September.

Find out everything you need to know about voting, visit voteauckland.co.nz/vote.

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