Auckland Climate Festival face to face for the first time

Publish Date : 30 Sep 2022
20220930 Auckland Climate Festival Banner

Auckland’s second annual Climate Festival gets underway today (Friday 30 September) with the theme “Ancestor. Me. I am a good ancestor. Believing in our future”.

It asks whether, as future ancestors, Aucklander’s will be proud of the actions they’ve taken to address today’s climate change challenges.

Auckland Council’s Chief Sustainability Officer Matthew Blaikie says we need to act now and act together in our response to climate change.

“Auckland Climate Festival brings people together to share knowledge, inspire opportunities for collaboration and advance collective climate action in Auckland and beyond.

“I encourage people to check out the wide-ranging and inspiring festival programme and get involved.”

The driver behind the month-long event is to celebrate and accelerate climate action in the community and will see over 125 engaging events take place throughout October. It aims to encourage wider conversation around climate change and how we can all play a part.

Auckland Council events

Join us at an Auckland Conversations event with leaders from across diverse sectors to hear how we can accelerate climate action through radical collaboration:

Join our Community Climate Action team for a discussion on what a low carbon future could look like and what it would take to build an effective low carbon movement:

Learn about the climate action grants available for projects targeting greenhouse gas emissions, community resilience or Māori-led responses to climate change:

Participate in the Live Lightly: 7-Day Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge, where you can do one thing each day to lower your carbon footprint:

Take a low carbon infrastructure tour at the Dunkirk Pump Station (Panmure):

Learn about New Zealand’s largest floating solar array, waste-to-energy digesters and more at the Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour:

Join a panel discussion on what transitioning to a low carbon, resilient and inclusive economy means for Auckland:

You can find more information about the Auckland Climate Festival, and register for events, here.

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