Hard-working coastie steps down from politics

Publish Date : 19 Sep 2022
Hard-working Coastie steps down from politics
Janet Fitzgerald

A familiar name is missing from the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board candidate list for this year’s election.

Member Janet Fitzgerald has stepped down from local government after a 30-year career dating back to Rodney District Council, which became part of the ‘Super City’ Auckland Council when it was formed in 2010.

Those who have worked with her throughout her extensive career single out her work campaigning for the Penlink road connection, saying her non-stop advocacy over many years for a project now underway will be her legacy to Whangaparāoa residents.

While it would be impossible to list all her achievements, Fitzgerald has served on many committees and been the driving force behind a range of projects, all while maintaining an impressive work ethic.

Since the inception of the Super City she has served both as a member and as the local board’s Deputy Chairperson, and been a Rodney District Councillor, all while maintaining her role as a Justice of the Peace.

Current local board chairperson Gary Brown says her experience has always been a positive all members have been able to draw on.

“Janet is a life-long coastie who loves our area’s laidback lifestyle and community feel.

“She has worked tirelessly, often behind the scenes and her years of service to her community have helped many people navigate the council system and empowered people to find ways to resolve things positively for themselves.

“That commitment to positively influencing outcomes while representing her community in the same manner, has been a trademark of her extraordinary length of service.”

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