New shared path for Rosedale Park

Publish Date : 06 Sep 2022
New shared path for Rosedale Park

Improvements to Rosedale Park path network are set to continue with work starting on a new shared path next to the main car park and softball stadium.

Upper Harbour Local Board agreed to use funds from the Northern Corridor Improvement fund to complete the path network that links Rosedale Park and Unsworth Reserve.

The new three-metre-wide shared path will be safe for the many walkers, cyclists and sports players who have to cut across the car park when travelling north, south or west through the park.

Upper Harbour Local Board Chair Lisa Whyte says, “Rosedale Park is the heart and lungs of our fast-growing Albany community providing for hockey, football, softball and disc golf.

“Providing better access, for people on foot, bike or scooter to take part in these activities and informal recreation, is something we are happy to prioritise.”

The project is expected to cost $550,000, take about three months with the work completed before the XVII Men’s Softball World Cup 2022 takes place from 26 November to 4 December.

Key improvements will be:

  • an asphalt path with concrete sections that join up to the existing paths
  • low retaining walls for the ground that slopes next to the path
  • traffic speed tables at the points where the path crosses the car park.

As the path is being built beneath a large row of macrocarpa trees, protecting the trees and roots is an important aspect of the project. Sports clubs have been notified and weekend sporting events will not be interrupted as construction takes place during the week. The car park is open throughout, but entrances may be restricted temporarily while work is completed.

Men's Softball World Cup 2022
The world premier men’s softball tournament takes place from 26 November to 4 December at Rosedale Park. Over nine days, 192 players from 12 countries will play 50 games for the championship title. For tickets or to volunteer, visit

Te Hōnonga a Iwi / Restoring Rosedale Park
A finalist in the 2022 Mayoral Conservation Awards, Te Hōnonga a Iwi is five-year business-led project to restore a large area of Rosedale Park using bio-organic principles that will revitalise the land and Alexander Stream. To volunteer for a working bee, make a contribution or sign-up for updates, visit

About Rosedale Park
Rosedale Park is a large park, off Jack Hinton Drive, with pedestrian access from Paul Matthews Road. Home to North Harbour Softball, it has a playground, disc golf course, fitness equipment, six sports fields, toilet facilities, and picnic tables. A shared path suitable for walking or biking connects the park to Unsworth Reserve, for details, visit

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