Mayor Meets Prime Minister

Publish Date : 20 Oct 2022
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Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown met Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at Auckland Council headquarters this morning.

Mr Brown said the meeting, which lasted a longer-than-expected 40 minutes, was “friendly and constructive” and it was clear that he and the Prime Minister share a goal of making life better for Aucklanders.

The Mayor raised five immediate priorities with the Prime Minister:

Transport Alignment: Ensuring that council and government transport policy is designed to make it easier to move around the city and that future plans are aligned, including taking into account the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport.

United Front on Law and Order: Ensuring that council and government agencies are collaborating and working together to provide the maximum effort to crack down on crime in the city.

Updating the Auckland Council Legislation: To learn the lessons of the past 12 years and ensure the legislation is fit for purpose, including what lessons might be useful for the Government’s Review into the Future for Local Government.

Three Waters for Auckland: Considering how the government’s desire for improvement in water issues can be achieved given the existing functioning Watercare model covering the region.

Progressing the Future of the Ports of Auckland: Providing certainty for investment and transport planning, by providing clarity on government and council expectations.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Prime Minister and her senior ministers on these important issues facing the people of Auckland,” Mr Brown said.

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