Papakura backs pedal power

Publish Date : 07 Oct 2022
Bike Hub

‘On your bike’ used to be used to indicate disagreement with someone’s opinion, but Papakura Local Board wants a lot more residents taking that advice.

Providing its feedback on plans for Community Bike Hubs, Board Chair Brent Catchpole says they are a great idea and would be a valuable addition for the area.

“Auckland Transport has been working with iwi and community groups, including Ngāti Tamaoho, to scope this project and we as a board acknowledge AT’s willingness to invest in the operational set-up costs and ongoing support.”

He says the board would like to be consulted as the project progresses, welcomes the interest indicated by Ngāti Tamaoho, and has advised that one possible location might be near the end of the southern motorway path at Karaka.

“We think it would be fantastic to have an iwi-led bike hub in Papakura to benefit the community.”

Community Bike Hubs are a project to accelerate Auckland Transport’s commitment to providing better access to bikes, the initiative funded through Auckland Council’s Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - Vibrant Streets programme.

It’s envisaged that Auckland Transport would own the bike hubs and take responsibility for set-up costs, with the community running and operating them.

Bike Hubs, Kitchens, Spaces and Boxes have all been successful community initiatives across Auckland to improve access to bikes, by fixing up and redistributing them as well as providing events, activations, information and education.

These community initiatives are variously supported by Auckland Transport, other Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs), local boards, other agencies and commercial partners and have been shown to be highly successful at the different scales they target.

Papakura has been identified as a good fit for the model.

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