Auckland Council helps build resilience in rural communities

Publish Date : 16 Nov 2022
Community water site 3
Stillwater Hall community water site

The drought of 2019-2020 reinforced the need for rural communities in the Auckland region to be prepared.

As the long dry spell of the summer bit, demand for water deliveries put pressure on private operators causing long delays and the probability of having no immediate access to clean drinking water became a reality.

Facing the prospect of further dry summers, Auckland Council has established 21 permanent community water sites around rural Auckland to help mitigate the situation and assist with future drought management. A further ten sites are to be added when the project is complete.

“As the summer rolls around, it’s a timely reminder for rural residents to think about their water supplies,” says Project Manager Uys de Wet.

“If you’re reliant on rainwater tanks for your drinking water, check the tank levels regularly, use water wisely and book a delivery early.

“Forward planning is key to avoiding the experience of 2019-20,” adds Uys de Wet.

The sites used during 2019-2020 drought have now been made permanent with new sites added to give good coverage for all rural Aucklanders. 

The bollards (drinking fountains) will provide a back-up drinking water supply in an emergency where residents will be able to collect 20 litres of water per person per day; they will provide water for the filling of water bottles year-round.

Auckland Council has selected six weather stations to represent the areas of the region. Rainfall at these six rain gauges is monitored for dry spells and hoses will be attached when needed to make the filling of larger containers easier. All sites meet current drinking water standards.

Find out where your closest site is now, so you know where to go if needed.

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