Down to business for Manurewa

Publish Date : 09 Nov 2022
Manurewa Local Board Chair Glenn Murphy makes his inauguration speech supported by family and community members. New member Heather Andrew and outgoing Chair Joseph Allan are seated at the table in front.

The day-to-day stresses of getting by have been highlighted as a challenge for all by incoming Manurewa Local Board Chair Glenn Murphy

At the board's inauguration event, he acknowledged changes in the wake of COVID-19 and its effects on relationships, jobs and livelihoods, and ongoing inflation.

“Never before has it been this stressful and challenging to get by financially, nor has it ever mattered more that the health and well-being of our people be acknowledged as paramount.

“The world post-COVID lockdowns is a new one, and so too is the composition of this board. Our job is to be one part of a co-governance arrangement agreed by Parliament when Auckland Council was established in 2010.”

Murphy thanked previous board chairs Daniel Newman and Angela Dalton, both now councillors for the area, and Joseph Allan, for their service, saying he would work hard to ensure decisions enjoyed majority support. “I want us all to have discussions as a collective. If there is not a majority, we need to work harder.”

Collaboration was a theme of his speech. “My hope is for this to be a board of permission and support to our community. My intention is to lead in a way that best achieves good outcomes in all spheres of our community.”

He said incoming Mayor Wayne Brown’s call for changes to board funding across the city’s 21 local boards was welcome, and Manurewa would continue to advocate for a fairer deal. “Bulk-funding is a great idea, though the funding formula needs to be fair for all communities.”

Murphy singled out Manurewa Marae for its outstanding community service during the COVID-19 crisis, noting it plans to embark on the next stage of its redevelopment soon.

“This board will be a worthy friend and partner and I want to give every assurance to our community that we will seek to progress a rich programme of events and community outreach, and I want our board to host hearings on the forthcoming annual plan.”

He went on to thank Auckland Council staff in anticipation of their work and for their public service, his colleagues for their confidence in him, and the wider community for the support he had received.

“I want to acknowledge the families, whanau and aiga of every elected member. Candidates pay a price for elected public office, though often their loved ones pay a higher price.”

He called for the balance of the year to be one of progress as well as a time of renewal. “Building Manurewa back continues to be our mission. I am excited to be part of this board, which will be one of action.”

Murphy will chair the board with Matt Winiata as deputy, before the two members swap roles at the end of April 2024.”

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