Grants make a difference in Waitākere

Publish Date : 16 Dec 2022
Waitakere Grants

Community groups received funding support for their mahi through the local, multi-board and quick response grants offered by Waitākere Ranges Local Board.

Twenty-four community groups were awarded $42,064.40. The funds will go towards a variety of activites and projects from protecting the environment to the arts and sports.

$18,259 was allocated through the Local Grants Round One 2022/2023, $17,000 through the Multi-Board Grants Round One 2022/2023 and $6,805.40 through the Quick Response Grants Round One 2022/2023.

Grant rounds are typically over-subscribed, with the amounts requested far exceeding the amount available. While the amounts granted may seem small, to the groups it can make a big difference.

“Along with everyone else our community groups have found things tough going lately.  A little can go a long way. This grants round was over-subscribed, and it is clear to me that these modest payments allow our community members and groups achieve a great deal of good,” says Waitākere Ranges Local Board Chair Greg Presland.

“It is very rewarding to be able to support them,” he says. 

Funding included grants for Recreate NZ, which received funding for a greenhouse, garden materials, plants, and a canopy patio pergola. This amount will go towards their high-quality social and recreational programmes for youth with intellectual disabilities. Similarly, the West Auckland Community Toy Library received much-needed funding for the construction of a wheelchair-accessible ramp, improving access for more people.

Waitākere Ranges Local Board offers the local grant and the quick response grant twice a year.

They are awarded for a range of types of projects or programmes from the arts, community, environment, events, heritage and sports and recreation.

The applicants and recipients

Read a full list of the funded and unfunded projects here [PDF].

Future grant rounds

Find out more about Waitākere Ranges Local Board Grants here.

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