Aucklanders reminded to keep waterways on private property maintained

Publish Date : 14 Mar 2023
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People with waterways flowing through their properties are being urged to keep them clear.

Franklin Ward Councillor Andy Baker says it’s not a matter of Auckland Council passing responsibility to landowners, but of people doing what they are required to.

“When people have waterways, they are required to keep them clear, to stop pollutants entering them, and to keep grates and the like free of obstruction.

“During the flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle the poor state of some waterways added to the problems experienced, not just in Franklin, but across the city.”

He says the council has obligations too. “Flooding must be a lesson to all. We have obligations to make sure waterways that make up a stormwater network operate effectively.

“A lot of people work hard to make sure things are up to scratch, particularly when they have witnessed previous floods and know the problems doing nothing causes downstream.

“But there are also those who won’t take action, or who create illegal ponds, dams, weirs and poorly designed crossings that look nice but create issues during bad weather.”

Baker says another challenge is that staff trying to access properties to check or do work can be denied access for various reasons, impacting others along the waterway.

People with a waterway must ensure:

Baker says it means those with properties that are part of the stormwater network have to play their part. “All those things were issues in Pukekohe and Drury. Fighting the effects of these weather events is a team effort. All landowners where waterways flow can play a part to prevent blockages and poorly maintained areas creating issues for others.”

Meanwhile, Healthy Waters has announced details on initial flood prevention measures near the Lakeside Retirement Lodge.

A project team is investigating upgrading or replacing culverts at Paerata and Helvetia Road and Montgomery Avenue to better cope with current and future peak flows. It’s anticipated Paerata will begin later this year, with the two other projects towards the end of next year.

Full details of what private landowners are required to do here.

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