Franklin urged to speak up

Publish Date : 07 Mar 2023
Andy Baker
Councillor Andy Baker says its important decision-makers understand what choices the community favours.

Franklin residents are being urged to look at Auckland Council’s proposed Annual Budget with an eye to how savings can be achieved.

Ward Councillor Andy Baker says it’s "absolutely vital" people get involved.

“It’s important people don’t just look at what’s being proposed and the possible changes to what the council funds.

“We need them to tell us what mix of the funding options being put forward they would prefer to still enable us to make savings but protect the things they value if they are in line for cuts under this draft.

“It’s easy to say ‘do this but don’t do that’. What’s harder is to accept that those kinds of positions have consequences, sometimes for other areas that must take larger cuts, or in terms of having to increase rates or borrowing to continue funding.

“We must balance the books and we believe we have come up with a way of achieving that. Changing that approach would require that we find other funding sources or make other changes, so the more specific people’s feedback, the more useful it is,” he says.

“There are already huge savings proposed in how the council operates, so looking for further savings could have dramatic unintended consequences.

“Borrowing to cover operational expenses is questionable, so what do people think about possibly paying higher rates or fees and charges as a way of off-setting any changes to the draft?”

Public consultation remains open until 11pm on Tuesday 28 March, with residents asked to have their say on a proposed mix of options to close a $295 million budget shortfall.

The budget outlines where the council plans to raise revenue and what it will spend it on.

Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation information at

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