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Last Updated : 13 Apr 2023
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There are many weeds that outcompete our native plants – we call these ‘pest plants’. They are a problem for Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. Pest plants are easily spread around the region, especially if they have fruit that birds like to eat. By pulling these weeds and replacing them with natives, we’ll help return the birdsong to our backyards.

How to control weeds

  • Identify the weeds to make sure you’re removing the right type of plant. Check out the Pest Search website for more information
  • Remove weeds following the Pest Search recommendations, in particular:
    • Dig out the plant including the root system
    • It’s easier to pull the plant out when the ground is wet or damp
    • For larger plants, cut and treat the stump with herbicide paste or spray (follow product instructions and wear protective gear)
    • Cut vines and immediately apply an environmentally safe herbicide paste or spray to the remaining ends
    • Remove and dispose of fruit
    • Ring bark and leave plant to die if it is safe to do so (large trees must not be ringbarked if closer than 1.5 times the height of the trees from paths, walkways and property).
  • Dispose of weeds carefully to avoid further spread – check ‘Pest Search’ for guidance. Check here for community weed bins
  • If your weeding leaves the ground bare, replant the area with natives or cover it with mulch as soon as possible to slow weeds from coming back. Mulch also becomes a home for worms and insects for our birds to eat.

Handy tips

  • If your neighbours also have weeds, it’s more effective to work together
  • Connect with your local community conservation group for further advice and support
  • Do what you can– if you’re only able to remove flowers and seed pods, it will still help reduce the spread.

If you want to learn more about controlling pest plants click here.

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